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The first Graphic of the Carlin Class by Navalwarfare The first Graphic of the Carlin Class :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 Rom-gbr by Navalwarfare Rom-gbr :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 1 0 Final Unity Star Systems by Navalwarfare Final Unity Star Systems :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 1 0 Ingram SSD by Navalwarfare Ingram SSD :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0
ONCS V 1.0
(Ocean Navy Combat Simulator)
By Meteo "Uncle Meat" Archon
This is a game to actually fight with real-world naval warships, I was curious, and sparks, and the Imagination, made me experiment, off and on, for several years. I normally play Sci-fi Naval Warfare games, but I'm often game for a Sea Game, too. Unlike those other games, this one should play far easier. No Power Allocation, unlike those other games, which makes it surprisingly easier, and good for gameplay, with squadrons (3-4 ships), and fleets (up to dozens), which is also great, since along with real ships, you can also game with new designs (see: Construction, aka. "The Bulk of This Book"), and game with Guns, Torpedoes, simplistic aircraft rules, although this is geared more towards the 20th Century Battles, I'll try to leave some 19th century and Wooden Sailing Ship stuff, for more to play around in.
Materials and Rules
For the ONCS, you need a Hexboard, or. use a non-Hex Game Surface, substit
:iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0
Virtual Prodigy by Navalwarfare Virtual Prodigy :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 Sheesh... by Navalwarfare Sheesh... :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 1 The Doctor Who 1998 intro that never was by Navalwarfare The Doctor Who 1998 intro that never was :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 Yauman Class Strike Cruiser by Navalwarfare Yauman Class Strike Cruiser :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 Undead horrified by Religious Trends... by Navalwarfare Undead horrified by Religious Trends... :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 Starfinder Class Explorer by Navalwarfare Starfinder Class Explorer :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 Spruce Goose by Navalwarfare Spruce Goose :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 1 0 SS-12 Top View by Navalwarfare SS-12 Top View :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 USS Bradbury by Navalwarfare USS Bradbury :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 0 Remastered USS James by Navalwarfare Remastered USS James :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 1 0 Miguel Roya I by Navalwarfare Miguel Roya I :iconnavalwarfare:Navalwarfare 0 1


Dave Chappelle by jordanj Dave Chappelle :iconjordanj:jordanj 1 4 Chappelle's Show Season 3 by sma003 Chappelle's Show Season 3 :iconsma003:sma003 6 12 Cosinus One by Umanimo Cosinus One :iconumanimo:Umanimo 34 2 Mr Bean 9 by SeanMozzy Mr Bean 9 :iconseanmozzy:SeanMozzy 1 0 Hyper Man by CurtObi4 Hyper Man :iconcurtobi4:CurtObi4 1 2 Captain Underpants - She's Hot by SkunkyNoid Captain Underpants - She's Hot :iconskunkynoid:SkunkyNoid 55 24 Mr. Bean figure by thereanimatedunknown Mr. Bean figure :iconthereanimatedunknown:thereanimatedunknown 2 0 THE MOST SIGNIFICANT THING I OWN by gameguy199 THE MOST SIGNIFICANT THING I OWN :icongameguy199:gameguy199 5 13 Happy Halloween by a-fools-paradise Happy Halloween :icona-fools-paradise:a-fools-paradise 52 32 It's only right... by Anise-Tokunaga It's only right... :iconanise-tokunaga:Anise-Tokunaga 2 0 Kamen Rider Decade BELT by juandelacruze Kamen Rider Decade BELT :iconjuandelacruze:juandelacruze 20 5 The Cosmic Star: Cruiser by superzentredi The Cosmic Star: Cruiser :iconsuperzentredi:superzentredi 2 0 Ranbow Brite by DiraMurkeHeol Ranbow Brite :icondiramurkeheol:DiraMurkeHeol 4 4 Snot Funny by handtoeye Snot Funny :iconhandtoeye:handtoeye 3 3 Mr. Bean by SockArmy Mr. Bean :iconsockarmy:SockArmy 4 5 Movie Theatre Shot, Mr. Bean by mrbeanclub Movie Theatre Shot, Mr. Bean :iconmrbeanclub:mrbeanclub 5 2


The FASA Ranger, although not my favourite of the Fasa craft, or the best one there, is intricately ddetailed and rendered, with an int...


The first Graphic of the Carlin Class
The plan for what was initially the Secter-Class was to establish the first Heavy Escort, a Classification that would include Sisko's Defiant-Class, and the Kunoichi-Class of the 25th Century, as well as to build a Cross-Section, etching out the ship's appearence as I progress, the Cross-section and gradual extrapolation gradually determining the appearence of the ship.

After my Linebrother Carlin died on June 22nd, 2008, I renamed it to Carlin-Class, and moved the 'Secter' name to a 26th Century Heavy Frigate.

Elsewhere on here, and on my website, there's more Carlin-Class Data.
Final Unity Star Systems
In the mid-90s', I LOVED looking at different Continental ARrangements, Star System Arrangements, and Secters, and first I had Worlds of the Federation, which accomplished this magnificently, then there was the TNG PC Game, which expanded upon the Interplay Trek Games, moved the focus to TNG, and let you explore dozens of different Star Systems.

You can examine this work of intricate WONDER, or you can photomanpiulate the things in it to make new Star Systems.

I don't know why no one else had screenshots of the star systems form the game online.

Anyway, due to game engine restrictions or something, star systems in this game can only have up to 10 planets, each having 0-4 moons, with 3 being uncommon, and 4 being rare.
All right, this will likely be the final update to this page, perhaps permanently.

This is part archive, part showcasing of my newer ship designs, and go to…, and access editorials and links, as well as entering into the web archive, to access 1000s of older websites, as well as, and entering into the web archive for lots of text files, and All That has this Awesome episode featuring the Maroons, a family of Retards, Kel's Duane Dibbley-looking character, Lump being my favourite, access that episode here:… has the Jason Robinson STCS Computer Game on there, Anth Fleet Yards, Surplus Depot Zed15, and The Fasa Star Trek Universe on Yahoo Groups has gaming files you can use with it. I have uploaded several dozen counter files and a scenario to Anth, using an AOFW Gunboat from (try entering that into the web archive, as well), and has an awesome old loosely DBZ comedy site Mike Payne's site backed up.

Michael Surbrook's site has Hero System RPG Resources, and use all of this to learn "Secrets Told, New and Old", and check out Joy Peters and Fancy Eurodance Music, esp. Voices in the Dark and A Star In Heaven.…

The Whole Family Appear one more time on a Family Feud Parody, and then Kel Mitchell's Lump Maroon would appear 6 more times.…

Here are a bunch of Counters for the Jason Robinson STCS Game.…

Star Fleet Times #1, with the Custom Ship Design System for SFB.
Ingram SSD
Here is what the old Mastercom Ingram Class would look like in SSD Form; - I made it purposely look like an older, more proto-formed 80s' SSD.

One common Variant of this ship could be to replace the Ph-3s with Megaphasers with MCFA Arcs, and add +2 AWRs and +3 BTTYs. New BPV = 300.


Navalwarfare's Profile Picture
Meteo Methuselah Archon
United States
I am one of the Rokuratei, an achieved daredevil, shipbuilder, and gamer, and masturbate to insanity, comedy, and my own creations.

I also upload little scientific teachings, misc. pictures, and Ani-Mayhem Cards.

Come visit my site, I also have links to old web-sites, some minor comments, and take requests.

Also, Mike Payne's Biscuitbutt81 on Youtube, go visit him, and search for him, I love him, he helped me to get where I am today.

Also, go to sfdebris, for some Edutainment, I get lost there sometimes, and keep wandering around, and never get back!

my links to FASA STCS SHip Material is here;……

This is an examplre of Cronan's Omniscient Helldamn, see this, and go to and a few of my pages under Editorials, to read more.
As last entry showed, for those of you to have seen it, it means real life has dubious/stale/complex/intertwining bits, and for true understanding of reality below... Read the following from last entry:

...Anything complex, means we can't simply resort to simplistic thinking. This... and use of some web sites, as long as they're good, and potentially anything of the former, and any goddamned book, matters.

So, this, pointing to some of my other achievements, and some of what I link to and archive, should hyperaccelerate you.

Leave me comments, PMs or e-mails, and tell me, any ship requests, clarification, or surrealistic musings, I will answer, or give you some tools and scraps, like in craft projects.

Also, here's more condensation of Mind/Event Processes, down to something real simple, with some RPG Nerdy-pee required.

Normal Interactions/Way Different Terms for/Things, +/-/x/dv by polyhedronal dice, occasional solid numbers, and modifiers, occasionally forming odd jewel/fabric decorations, landmarks and intertwining chains, sometimes history, facts and your memories get involved in this, take it in, like throat-pluggingly rich milk or the Meteo Cheesecake, slowly, and look through the special spyglass, applying all this weirdery and accomplishing the weirdish factual mindscape results and chains, that, and somehow even condensing those stars together down, is jaw-droppingly batshit, like me learning that term from Jump The Shark (really), my strange memories of old, or the aforementioned term/combo things I do to them, with some of my teaching-clusters, and archived things, you can, and will be another brilliant gem-eye/gazer with a mutated brain.

No coincidence, sometimes Stephen King's works help in this way, try em', if only for the interestingly well 'book vs. movie' things and character/event paths of the Body and Stand By Me.

Check out the music and comedy of the other Rokuratei: Mr. Pregnant, At least one of the books of the other Rokuratei, like "Brain Droppings", or the historical/philosophical recollections of Krishnamurti, and the PR, Popular Culture references to another, weird-haired Rokuratei, And one of the Rokuratei had his DVD sent to He11sing920, by another of the Rokuratei (me). Go Searching, and assembling, on this Psychedelic Treasure Hunt@!!!



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